What sets us apart

  • Comprehensive Metal Department

    Our metal department is armed with a comprehensive array of tools, ensuring we meet your fabrication needs with precision and efficiency.
  • On-Site Welding Solutions

    We offer the convenience of on-site welding and fabrication services, deploying skilled personnel and cutting-edge equipment to meet your installation and project needs.
  • Flexible Studio Workshops

    Whether you require on-site support or the establishment of a complete workshop within studio premises, we adapt to your requirements. Our strategically located workshop inside the M25, in proximity to studios, facilitates the construction of projects of any size or large repeat orders.
  • Advanced Design Capabilities

    Utilizing AutoCAD, we meticulously create and deconstruct drawings provided by the art department, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in our work.
  • Extensive Industry Experience

    With a collective experience exceeding 30 years, we bring a wealth of knowledge not only from the film industry but also from corporate events, theatre productions, and museum installations. We understand that achieving a superior finish is as crucial as meeting project deadlines.